0xReki on 2017-05-19
My mobile internet contract was about to end so it was time to extend it and while doing that getting a new tablet. Up until now I’ve only had Android tablets: Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A. But as I’m not afraid to try out new stuff I thought: “Just try out a Windows tablet and after a few weeks post a review on your blog.” So I got a Lenovo Ideapad Miix 310 with Windows 10 for this.
0xReki on 2017-04-29
Well, I suddenly got the urge to play Anno 1602: Creation of a New World (1600 A. D. in North America and Australia) again. While I could just play any current installments of the series I do miss something quite vital in those: the micromanagement of crop-growing areas is not even possible in those. As a friend of mine also wanted to play it and he seemed to have some problems using WINE I had a look into it again.
0xReki on 2016-12-31
This article in German Deaths 2016 is nearing it’s end. And I too, think 2016 has been the worst, I mean really the worst. Lot’s of great people died. I’m not listing all of them, see Wikipedia on 2016 for that. But some I’ll mention few that really made me sad. First there’s Bud Spencer who died on June 27th 2016. “He is known for action-comedy roles with his long-time film partner Terence Hill.
0xReki on 2016-12-22
Well, I’m in my late 20s and I suddenly got that urge to get me some stuff couldn’t have when I was younger. So I did some research into what ever happened with magnetic-optical-technology, especially the Sony MiniDisc. Well I didn’t find out what happened to other MO-technology but I did find out that Sony introduced Hi-MD in 2004, only to discontinue it in 2011. Some Hi-MD players can actually store other data then audio and even play MP3s.
0xReki on 2016-12-09
So I was looking for some way to visualize my music for my YouTube channel without relying on Adobe Tools. I could capture the visualization by VLC. But that wouldn’t be customizable. So I found a HTML5 Audio Visualizer. It can be customized, all right. But didn’t scale to the size of the canvas and the frequency scaling is linear. The linear frequency scaling very annoying when you have lossy audio and see upper third of the frequencies being empty.