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Artix Linux: OpenRC instead of systemd

published on 2018-03-27 written by 0xReki
Linux, Archlinux, Artixlinux, systemd, OpenRC

Ever since systemd got mainstream everyone is whining about how bad systemd is and how much better System V was — no it wasn’t. Here’s a thought: if you think some software is bad you should stop using it.

Since I was quite content with my systemd installation I didn’t bother looking for a replacement for it. I knew there was the Devuan project but I didn’t care much about it. I was about to rant about no one actually working on an alternative for systemd and people only yearning the mess that was System V. so last November I did some research… and was quite surprised.

Gentoo’s OpenRC along with eudev and elogind were progressing to the extent they could actually be used. There even were quite many Linux distributions i. a. an archlinux derivative artixlinux which provides packages that can be used without systemd. Since it’s an arch-based system my AUR scripts will work — maybe I should rant about build systems sometime in the future.

Back to Artix: So I figured I should give it a try. After migrating to Artix everything ran smooth. Granted I had to undo all the systemd initramfs optimisations, but a systemd-free system is indeed still possible and it’s actually usable. And after half a year on Artix and only 1 major hiccup, which was fixed before I could even write a bug report, I guess I’ll stay with Artix for now.

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