an old blog post on Project Failures but since it bubbled up and it is definitely…">an old blog post on Project Failures…">

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Project From Hell

published on 2018-03-29 written by 0xReki
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It’s an old blog post on Project Failures but since it bubbled up and it is definitely worth reading I figured should link to it and write my thoughts about it. Reading about such a disaster and the follow up with mentioning how bad employee protection is in France, I’m somewhat happy I ended up in Cologne and not in France. But I digress.

In the follow up they mention how something like that seems to happen all over the world. It seems people are generally unaware of that. I, like most tech students, already expect disasters to happen. OK, not that Project From Hell level of disaster. But it’s like an unwritten rule: the bigger or older a company is the more likely it is to find its software development in a somewhat disastrous state. That almost put me off looking for developer positions at all after graduating from uni. I didn’t, I mean I could still refuse it they seemed unreasonable.

Lucky for me, a middle-sized company offered me a job. They do have tests and the boss accepts developers taking some time to produce well-written code and tests after presenting a working prototype. And when talking to my former fellow students who went to the big cooperations it looks like while I do get paid less (well, a lot less since jobs in South Germany pay a lot better than in Cologne) they deal semi-disasters at their work all the time. The only silver lining for them: “the old geezers in charge” will be gone in a few years and everything will then change for the better. I’m not convinced that will be the case.

That’s how the world works: money talks. As long that holds true, there will always be managers who will try and save money by cutting costs on things that don’t produce fast results. Even when in the long term it’ll end up costing more.

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