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Super Mario Party — I kinda like it but…

published on 2018-10-09 written by 0xReki
Games, Nintendo, Review

I loved the first Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. But I have come to hate Mario Party series over the years. Every installment kept getting worse. The last one I tried was one for the Wii. That was like the nail in the coffin for me with the series. Now Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch hit the stores my flatmate still maganed to convince me to play this one. Surprisingly I like it.

But there are things I dislike about it, they are not a big deal. Every time any team wins they group high five. You do that by swinging your Joy-Con. That is bothersome. It is a nice touch when you play for a quick game. But it gets annoying when you sit and have a play session or multiples sessions of many hours.

Why big long sessions of multiple sessions? We come to the issue that bothers me so much I am close to advising you not to buy this game: there is no online multiplayer! Well, there is a online mode for minigames. But no online party modes.

They say the best experience is the local game. Yes, I agree. But my friends and I live far apart from each other. I mean in one case there is the Atlantic Ocean between us! It’s not like it would be practical to book a 2-way transatlantic flight for a single quick round of Mario Party!

So please Nintendo, add a real multiplayer party mode.

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