Final Fantasy XIV Companion App has been released about six months ago. How is my experience with…">Final Fantasy XIV Companion App has been released about…">

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Final Fantasy XIV Companion App — Looking at 6 Months of Trying to Use It

published on 2019-02-07 written by 0xReki
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The Final Fantasy XIV Companion App has been released about six months ago. How is my experience with the App? Why do I still use it?

The first point of the app, the chat function, would be a great thing to have if it actually worked properly! People hoped you can write to friends that are in-game. Nope, that doesn’t work that way. You can only write to other App users. Sending a message seems to take ages. While technically, yes, it is very correct and truthful by delaying the sent message it just feels too slow. Plus, you can’t start writing the next message while waiting for the server to receive your message. While that perceived low speed of messaging is just a “minor” usability quirk the other issue makes the whole feature useless: there are no notifications — I don’t even know if I got new messages.

The calendar function suffers from the same issues as the chat function.

Inventory functions only work if your character is logged off in non-instance areas. If you forgot to log out, no problems the app can do that for you. But everything here is even slower! The only use this has is when I’m on the run, usually with a bad internet connection, making this an even slower experience. Even with a good internet connection it sometimes feels like it’d be faster to boot up a laptop computer, log into the game, and do it yourself then ordering a Moogle in the app to do it for you!

I’m not even using that app anymore. I still start it from time to time to see if it got any better. Why do I still pay for premium then? Basically, I’m just paying for the extra Chocobo Bag — I’d have payed for an extra Retainer anyway.

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