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Riichi Mahjong Clients 2019

2019-03-12 In Games, Hobbies, Riichi Mahjong, Review
Riichi Mahjong Clients 2019

You might have noticed I like playing Riichi Mahjong. Good clients are so rare. This is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s just what I have tried before and/or regularly use. If ...


2019-02-24 In Article 13, #NieMehrCDU, German, Germany, Copyright, blog.crystaldown.de

Wunderbar, erst stimmen CDU Abgeordnete dieser Katastrophe von Artikel 13 zu, dann beschimpfen sie politikinteressierte junge Menschen als Bots und jetzt versuchen sie YouTuber zu ...

Artikel 13 im Detail

2019-02-24 In Article 13, YouTube Recommendations, German, Copyright, Germany

Eigentlich wollte ich keine YouTube Videos mehr verlinken…

YouTube Goes Haywire 2019

2019-02-24 In WTF, YouTube, Adpocalypse, Adpocalypse 2, CP

The last few days YouTube just went completely haywire. While I get the increase automated copyright claims and strikes, possibly in preparation of article 13 in the EU. Some chann...

What Happened to the Blog?

2019-02-21 In Tools, jekyll, HUGO, Facebook, disqus

You may have noticed I migrated my blog from HUGO to jekyll. Why did I do that? Yes, I moved my blog to Github Pages. While I could use both HUGO and jekyll on GitHub Pages jekyll ...