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0xReki's Adventures

Project From Hell

2018-03-29 In Recommendations, Blog Recommendations, WTF

It’s an old blog post on Project Failures but since it bubbled up a...

Artix Linux: OpenRC instead of systemd

2018-03-27 In Linux, Archlinux, Artixlinux, systemd, OpenRC
Artix Linux: OpenRC instead of systemd

Ever since systemd got mainstream everyone is whining about how bad systemd is and how much better System V was — no it wasn’t. Here’s a thought: if you think some software is bad ...

Cryptographic Meltdown on Monday

2017-10-16 In Paranoia, KRACK, WPA2, RSA, Infineon, ROCA
Cryptographic Meltdown on Monday

This is such a great start for the week… Not!

Macroless Code Execution in Word

2017-10-11 In Paranoia, Word, Code Injection, WTF

Wow! This week is so awesome. Not!

CSV Code Execution in Excel

2017-10-10 In Paranoia, Spreadsheets, Excel, Code Injection, WTF

Sometimes things are so bad, I don’t even know if there’s an expression for it.