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Final Fantasy XIV Companion App — Looking at 6 Months of Trying to Use It

2019-02-07 In Tools, Final Fantasy XIV, Apps

The Final Fantasy XIV Companion App has been released about six months ago. How is my...

Locale Tool for Foreign Games

2019-02-07 In Tools, Locale, Windows

I have old Windows games running. Some require the correct locale set to be even installed and run. And if you need multiple locales you’d need to reboot any time you change the lo...

Super Mario Party — I kinda like it but…

2018-10-09 In Games, Nintendo, Review

I loved the first Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. But I have come to hate Mario Party series over the years. Every installment kept getting worse. The last one I tried was one fo...

Rinshan Kaihou Cologne: Riichi Mahjong Club Website now online

2018-06-21 In Hobbies, Riichi Mahjong

Rejoice, the website of Rinshan Kaihou Cologne: Riichi Mahjong Club is now online!

Why my Software Library Looks so Random

2018-04-04 In Recommendations, Software Recommendations, WTF

People generally ask me why the software I use seems so random. While I prefer Linux over Windows, I prefer the Microsoft Office Suite over Libre Office. OK, the latter might not b...