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Super Mario Party — I kinda like it but…

2018-10-09 In Games, Nintendo, Review

I loved the first Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. But I have come to hate Mario Party series over the years. Every installment kept getting worse. The last one I tried was one for t...

Rinshan Kaihou Cologne: Riichi Mahjong Club Website now online

2018-06-21 In Hobbies, Riichi Mahjong

Rejoice, the website of Rinshan Kaihou Cologne: Riichi Mahjong Club is now online!

Why my Software Library Looks so Random

2018-04-04 In Recommendations, Software Recommendations, WTF

People generally ask me why the software I use seems so random. While I prefer Linux over Windows, I prefer the Microsoft Office Suite over Libre Office. OK, the latter might not be t...

Project From Hell

2018-03-29 In Recommendations, Blog Recommendations, WTF

It’s an old blog post on Project Failures but since it bubbled up and it is definitely worth reading I figured should link to it and write my thoughts about it.

Artix Linux: OpenRC instead of systemd

2018-03-27 In Linux, Archlinux, Artixlinux, systemd, OpenRC
Artix Linux: OpenRC instead of systemd

Ever since systemd got mainstream everyone is whining about how bad systemd is and how much better System V was — no it wasn’t. Here’s a thought: if you think some software is bad you...