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So I got a Hi-MD Player

2016-12-22 In Sony, Audio, MiniDisc, MD, 90's Tech

Well, I’m in my late 20s and I suddenly got that urge to get me some stuff couldn’t have when I was younger. So I did some research into what ever happened with magnetic-optical-te...

HTML5 Audio Visualizer

2016-12-09 In HTML5, Audio, FFT, Project, Eye Candy

So I was looking for some way to visualize my music for my YouTube channel without relying on Adobe Tools — or rather without...

OMG! Gewalt in Spielen!!

2016-07-26 In Censorship, Games, WTF, blog.crystaldown.de, German, Germany
OMG! Gewalt in Spielen!!

Ein Zombie kommt aus dem Grab wieder heraus gekrochen.

nginx/SSL Configuration for the Slightly Paranoid People

2016-06-24 In nginx, OpenSSL, Paranoia, Configuration Files

I finally brought myself to move my SSL certificates to Let’s Encrypt and have their renewal automated....

Werbung im Internet

2016-03-10 In Axel-Springer-Verlag, AdBlock, blog.crystaldown.de, German, Germany

Werbung im Internet hat sein Vor- und Nachteile. Bei einer idealen Seitennutzer-Seitenbetreiber-Beziehung, spricht für Werbung, dass die, die die Werbung einblenden, damit Geld verdie...